Solo Violino Virtuoso
Solo Violino Virtuoso  

is a virtual instrument combining the most advanced techniques in sampling, synthesis and physical modeling to deliver the most realistic sound to this day combined with unprecedented versatility in a virtual stringed instrument.


Real time control of dynamics, from p to ff
    - Controlled by faders instead of key switches, allowing you to
      sculpt each note
    - Range from G2 to C8
    - Real time control of vibrato speed, vibrato amplitude and
      attack transients
    - single-note and double-note glissando
    - Pizzicato from G2 to C5
    - Choice between 5 violins for different colors, recorded completely dry, so
      you can use any reverb of your choice.
    - Convolution-based reverb, with low and hight quality options depending on
      your processor capabilities.


    - Kontakt Player 5 virtual instrument (Previous version of Kontakt player not
    - Works with both free and full versions of Kontakt player.
    - All audio material is provided in 32 bit word-length, 96 kHz sampling rate for
      higher processing quality
    - 1.9 GB of data.

S Y S T E M  R E Q U I R E M E N T S


     - Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (free or paid version). Please refer to Native
       Instruments official website to verify the requirements of Kontakt 5 before
       buying our product.
     - 4 GB of RAM (The whole library occupies 1.9 GB and must be loaded in
     - Dual Core processor clocked at a minimum of 2.8 GHz
     - Control surface with at least 6 faders*


     - Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (free or paid version). Please refer to Native
       Instruments official website to verify the requirements of Kontakt 5 before
       buying our product.
     - 8 GB of RAM 
     - 4 Cores processor clocked at 3 GHz or higher
     - Control surface with at least 9 faders*

* We have had a great experience with the inexpensive (non-motorized) control surface i-controls developed by ICON. We are in no way affiliated with them, but the size and shape of the faders feels more comfortable in our hands than the rest of our control surfaces, including some motorized.

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   Documentation & License Agreement





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Required Platform

Our Virtual Instrument works with Microsoft Windows™ , MacOs™ and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt Player 5
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