About us

4SCORING is a company devoted to research and development of innovative dsp based emulations of musical instruments, combining various synthesis techniques with sampling and physical modeling. Although current technology has been successful in emulating many other musical instruments, bowed string instruments remain to this day the most elusive due to the extreme complexity of the physical interactions between the various elements of the instrument, as well as the interactions between the instrument and the player, which form a very complex feedback system in which the player is constantly reacting to the response of the instrument and vice versa.

Traditional sampling delivers the perfect sound, but leaves the user with a very limited choice of expressive capabilities, due to the lack of feedback between player and instrument. Here we present you with the first results of a most innovating technique that combines the advantages of all the aforementioned technologies, plus a few proprietary advances of our own to deliver the maximum flexibility to this day in virtual stringed instruments.

4SCORING's mission is to develop and explore new technologies that allow to overcome the flaws of  bowed string virtual instruments, to later expand its findings to instrument sections, in order to provide the modern composer with perfect tools for orchestral mock-ups and/or finished productions. Our first product, Solo Violino Virtuoso, is the product of over 2 years of research and development. The viola and cello are programmed to be released during the middle of the year 2015.

Our goal is to create a whole VIRTUAL ORCHESTRA that allows the composer total control over the results, both in tonal color and expressiveness in a single solution.
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Required Platform

Our Virtual Instrument works with Microsoft Windows™ , MacOs™ and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt Player 5